In todays overcrowded fashion market, emerging brands often struggle to gain consumer awareness and especially to sell online to a global audience. TARLEE aim to change that, offering not only a digital platform for designers to sell their collections, but also focus on raising brand awareness through PR and marketing for emerging designers. 

Below you will find the top 10 reasons why TARLEE is different from other online marketplaces and how TARLEE will support young brands in the difficult beginning of their brand journey: 

1. TARLEE provide a curated global marketplace allowing you to progress and finance your career

2. TARLEE work closely with you to understand how you want your designs to be showcased

3. TARLEE create and maintain your brand page

4. TARLEE professionally photograph collections and compile product descriptions

5. TARLEE offer you two sales channels to promote and sell your designs: “Buy it Now” & “Exclusive Editions”

6.TARLEE have a team dedicated to marketing TARLEE and your brand

7.TARLEE assign PR time free of charge to promote your brand

8. TARLEE offer you mentoring and business guidance

9. TARLEE do not charge any upfront admin or monthly fees

10. TARLEE do not ask for brand exclusivity


If you are interested in being featured on TARLEE, please follow the link Become a TARLEE featured Brand