Founded by creative duo Liz & Tara, is the leading online store exclusively featuring independent designers.

After meeting at Warwick University and quickly bonding over a shared love of pink Sambuca the two went on to pursue vastly different careers after graduating. Working in Banking, Tara became increasingly time-strapped and frustrated by mainstream fashion. Liz on the other hand worked for independent and start-up designers and experienced first-hand the struggles they face, especially when it comes to selling their collections.

This experience led the duo to create a platform where customers can shop high quality and unique collections from the best up and coming UK and International designers. Before featuring a collection, each piece is vetted to ensure that it has been designed for longevity and the platform provides an alternative to buying trend-driven, throwaway fashion.

Being environmentally conscious in their personal lives and strong advocates of the slow fashion movement, Liz & Tara launched the TARLEE ethical tags as a way to highlight the sustainable credentials of each piece. Having always been fascinated by the unique stories behind independent designers, actively promote their background and inspirations. The platform gives designers a comprehensive profile to describe their entrepreneurial journey, enabling customers to shop and wear a story. is a refreshing way to shop fashion online and be part of the shift to an independent and slow fashion culture. It allows shoppers to re-connect with their wardrobes and discover designers that they traditionally wouldn’t have access to.

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