Showcasing Independent Brands

TARLEE is a curated marketplace for independent and emerging brands to showcase and sell their current season. The platform launched in early 2016 as a solution for new designers to grow and finance their careers. In her early career, co-founder Liz Pattinson spent many years working at fashion start-ups and witnessed the struggles facing emerging brands. She experienced first-hand an environment with limited support for independent brands and where designers face barriers to successfully selling online to a global audience. It was out of this frustration that TARLEE was founded.

The new marketplace will not only support designers but also give customers access to up and coming UK & International brands. As customers struggle to find unique products in an overcrowded fashion market, TARLEE will create a seamless customer shopping experience with a user-friendly interface and excellent customer service. 

We are currently looking for further Womenswear, Menswear, Unisex and Accessories brands to join us for our launch in February 2016.

For more information on becoming a TARLEE featured designer, please visit the link Becoming a TARLEE Designer