TARLEE designer Daughter of Jon shortlisted for Drapers Niche Brand of the Year

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A huge congratulations to Daughter of Jon who has been shortlisted in the final selection for the Drapers Independent Awards as “Niche Brand Of The Year”.
TARLEE Daughter of Jon Clutch bag
Natural materials, spotted fish leather and structured lines crafted by hand
Reinventing classic shapes with unusual natural materials is a key aspect of Daughter of Jon's label. Founder Hedi Jonsdottir uses fish-leather as the main material of the collection, not only for its incredible strength but also for its natural texture. Jonsdottir continues to source her leather sustainably from Iceland, her home country, where fish leather is commonly used by fishermen to make their shoes and other products. 
We wish Daughter of Jon the best of luck in the lead up to the prestigious awards ceremony. 
TARLEE Daughter of Jon Drapers
The perfect party companion and crafted sustainably using fish leather
Discover the Daughter of Jon collection here.


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