Breaking into Fashion - TARLEE event at Google Campus London

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“Breaking into Fashion – How to be competitive as an Independent Designer” was the theme of the evening on the 28th July at Google Campus London. Liz & Tara, co-founders of TARLEE.com hosted a panel discussion with four featured designers on TARLEE.com:


Hedi Jónsdóttir - Daughter of Jon
Athena Sigismondi & Clio Sigismondi - Black & Sigi
Amy Fleuriot - Hiro & Wolf
Petru van der Walt - CRU London

Tickets for the event sold out well in advance and the evening brought together students, bloggers and designers from across the UK.


TARLEE Independent Fashion Designer Panel  

The discussion began on the theme of Branding and the importance of defining your USP and target customer. Panelists then moved onto the topic of Production and the group shared their insights and tips on keeping costs in check and developing efficient distribution channels.


Liz mediated a section on Ethics and the panelists discussed the ethical credentials of their respective brands and why they had made a decision to be part of the Slow Fashion movement.


 TARLEE.com Daughter of Jon Panel


The final theme of the evening was social media and PR and the designers shared their experiences on launching new brands in a saturated market and their advice to new designers on getting their brand and collections noticed.


Following the event, all attendees were asked what their favourite thing about the event was. Here are the replies …


“Hearing the personal stories from each designer, what worked for one didn't always work for the other.”


“The enthusiasm of panelists to share their story and tips they have picked up”


“the fact that all were entrepreneurs or people sharing this entrepreneurial spirit... I am one, and is always inspiring to meet people like yourself and their experiences”


“Hearing about the pitfalls”


You can watch a clip from the evening here:





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