Dazed Fashion Forum

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TARLEE attended the first Dazed Fashion Forum held at Amazon's fashion new photo studios in Hackney.


The all day event was full of talks and workshops hosted by industry experts and was open to all young creatives who want to break into the fashion and media industries.


"Its about left field thinking, sharing radical ideas, opening up new possibilities, and showing how young people can make a difference" @Jeffersonhack. We enjoyed inspirational talks by Diesel Creative Director @Nicolaformichetti and Dazed editor-in-chief @Isabellaburley on breaking down the walls of fashion with social media.


Nurturing young talent and disruptive fashion were the focal points of a talk by @ZowieBroach, Head of Fashion at Royal College of Art and The Independent's @Alexanderfury. We watched Rankin in action shooting for Dazed and The Digital Fairies @thedigifairyz were giving advice on social media strategy. 



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