We wore our clothes inside out! Find out what happened ..

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During Fashion Revolution Week, individuals across the world wore their clothes inside out and asked retailers "Who Made my Clothes?" The aim of Fashion Revolution is to raise awareness of the impact unethical business practices is having on human lives employed by the fast fashion industry.


TARLEE joined in and asked this question to two TARLEE brands; Ultra Tee and CRU London and also H&M.


Here are the responses ...



The TARLEE team wore our sports gear inside out with labels on show in our gym class and asked H&M, "Who made my clothes?" 


We are yet to receive a reply. 

TARLEE Fashion Revolution H&M
Ultra Tee
We also wore our tops inside out to brunch and asked TARLEE brand Ultra Tee the same question, "Who made my clothes?"
Ultra Tree replied via an Instagram message.   
 TARLEE.com ULTRA TEEUltraTee answers TARLEE FashRev

 CRU London

We decided to ask our exciting new bag brand CRU London "Who made my bag?"


CRU London replied to the Instagram post.


 Fashion Revolution TARLEE Cru London FashRev TARLEE Cru London 


In the interconnected world that we live in and with the power of social media, you deserve answers from the brands that you buy from. If you asking the questions, you deserve to know the social and environmental impact that your purchases have! 


See more detail on how Cru London and Ultra Tee produce on their Designer Pages: CRU London & Ultra Tee.


To read more about Fashion Revolution, check out this blog post.  

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