TARLEE meets Al & Lee - The design duo behind Látelita London

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Látelita London was founded by Al & Lee and started as a boutique brand selling in high end fashion jewellery boutiques of West London as well as through independent fashion retailers. Nowadays they maintain a boutique brand identity whilst selling in department stores and online on TARLEE.com.


Al & Lee, Please tell us a bit about yourself? 

L: I developed a passion for jewellery making as a way of exploring my creativity whilst working in corporate finance. After designing one off commissions for friends & family, I decided to turn my passion into a profession.

A: After studying traditional jewellery making techniques from the artisans of Istanbul, we launched the brand together which fused my Eastern influences with Lee’s contemporary European design to create unique, intricate & elegant jewellery.



Stingray Bangle With Stone Gold and Rosegold - Available in Jade, Kiwi & Lapis


We have heard that LATELITA was named after the first person you designed jewellery for – can you tell us about her? 

Living in London via the South Pacific Islands, Latelita brings a pop of colour to the sometimes gloomy streets of London. She’s vivacious, spontaneous and shares our love of the bold & the beautiful.


Why should TARLEE customers check out your collection? 

When designing jewellery we always think about the whole outfit, and this was one of the reasons we love TARLEE.com.

It is a one stop shop where not only can you buy a statement piece of our jewellery, but pair this with a killer clutch, and some chic clothes.


TARLEE Latelita

22ct Rosegold Vermeil Micro pave Ball Ring - Also available in Gold


When you have a creative block, what do you do to spur ideas?

Travel. We often find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, from motifs in ancient buildings, colours in the bustling bazaars and clean lines of modern architecture.


What is your proudest moment for you and the brand? 

We have been nominated as “brand to watch” at this year’s UK Jewellery Awards. Hopefully our new highest point will be when we win at the upcoming awards ceremony.


What is your essential style piece that you can’t live without?          

A: You will always see me sporting my black onyx ottoman ring.

L: I’m a shoeaholic.


TARLEE Latelita Earring

Open Clover Earring - Available in Rosegold, Gold & Silver


What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?



What is a favourite quote that you live by? 

Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back


If you could take a road trip with anyone (dead or alive), who would you choose?

Paloma Faith, the Queen and Freddy Mercury. That would be one hell of a road trip….


Discover the Latelita London collection here.



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