Join TARLEE and wear your clothes inside out for Fashion Revolution Week

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Normally wearing your clothes inside out is a sign that of being rushed however this week, individuals across the world will wear their clothes inside out intentionally to mark Fashion Revolution Week. Individuals will be using Instagram and Twitter to post labels of their clothing and asking retailers Who Made my Clothes? This is a question that we have been encouraged to ask by the Fashion Revolution; a not for profit company who calls companies and consumers for a more ethical and sustainable supply chain.



Today marks the third anniversary of the horrific Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, Dhaka. The aim of Fashion Revolution is to raise awareness of the impact unethical business practices is having on human lives employed and impacted by the fast fashion industry. Fashion Revolution asks Instagram users to show their labels and ask brands who made their clothes. Since the first Fashion Revolution Day on the 24th April 2014, the week has been recognised In over 60 countries with tens of thousands of people participating and asking the question "Who Made My Clothes?" using the hashtag #whomademyclothes. Be one of them!

The TARLEE team wore our sports gear inside out with labels on show during our mid week boxing workout at the popular London gym 1Rebel. We asked H&M, Who made my clothes?


 TARLEE at 1Rebel Supports Fashion Revolution 2016 TARLEE 1Rebel Fashion Revolution
We also wore our clothes inside out at brunch on Saturday at The Proud East in Haggerston, East London and asked TARLEE brand Ultra Tee the same question, Who made my clothes?


Watch this space to see the responses we received to our questions. Also, join TARLEE and wear your clothes inside out for Fashion Revolution Week.



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